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Welcome to Cryptology City! Jump right in by taking a look at the list of primitives or assumptions that have been accounted for already.

This wiki is a collection of cryptographic primitives and reductions between them. It is meant to serve as a large repository of cryptographic information and make it easy to understand the relationships between different primitives. If you'd like to contribute, feel free to make an account and contribute!

City Mayor - Alex Hoover

Errors? Omissions? Misattributions? Your favorite primitive/assumption not here? Then please contribute to the city as you see fit by signing up and clicking on the edit links. Please include references, or better yet links to papers if available. For any other recommendations or issues, please reach out to the Cryptology City Bluesky, Twitter, or email. You can also contact the mayor directly.

See Also

Introductory Resources


  • References: List of cryptography papers.
  • Glossary: Definitions of some basic mathematical/cryptographic terms.